Various Ways to Classify Pearl Earrings

Although pearl earrings have been used for many decades now, these jewelries never go out of style. They may not always come with a matching necklace, but the earrings alone can make any woman look beautiful and stunning. This type of accessory is worn in any occasion, place and season. And because pearls always match any styles and colors of dress, they are always worth the investment.

Pearl earrings can be classified as follows:

According to Their Makeup

Though pearls may look the same when seen gold ear cuff from afar, you need to know that they vary in their sources. Hence, pearl earrings also have different makeup. They may be freshwater pearls, south sea pearl, Akoya pearl or Tahitian pearl. Fresh water pearls do not have a perfect round shape and varies in color while south sea pearls differ in their shades depending on the oyster where they came from. You may see them in silver, gold and white shades. On the other hand, Tahitian pearls come in distinct colors of green, blue, pink, yellow and silver. Sometimes, these colors may also come in various combinations. Meanwhile, Akoya pearls are usually cultured in some countries. These pearls are distinct in their luster and shades. They can be seen in white, green, cream, pink, silver and gold hues. Their sizes and colors make them very suitable to be crafted as jewelries.

According to Their Style

There are many designs that you can choose from. They can be stud, hoop, circular, semi circular or dangling. The most commonly seen are the stud pearl earrings. They appear simple but astounding. They are those that can be seen floating on the earlobes but were actually held in place through a connection that passes through the ear. If you see pearl earrings that looks like a ring, then you are looking to hoop earrings. They are usually attached to the ear with the use of silver tubing. The earrings with long length, reaching to the shoulders are called dangle pearl earrings. They often come with a hook attaching these jewelries to the earlobes.


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