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Add the carrots and turnips, and simmer for about another hour, until the meat is tender enough to cut with a spoon. Leave to cool, overnight if possible, and then lift the solidified fat off the top and bring to a simmer. Transfer the meatball mixture into a separate bowl. Use a spoon to scoop out any remaining mixture into the bowl.

You’ll have to follow the instructions that came with your dry aging bag to discern whether this is natural for your bag or not. The cheesecloth will form a protective barrier around your meat and will prevent the meat from dehydrating too suddenly. Remove your meat from the packaging it came wrapped in. Then, with cool water, thoroughly rinse all parts of the meat exposed to the open air. After you have finished rinsing, pat the meat dry with paper towels. When buying one of these cuts from a butcher, you should ask him not to trim your cut of meat at all.

What kind of bacon should you use for bacon-wrapped meat loaf?

Drier, leaner meats are at the top of the list as cuts that could use a good ole brine, as they don’t have as much fat to contribute moisture and flavor. Poultry breasts, pork chops, shrimp, and that infamous Thanksgiving turkey are all good candidates for brining. As barbecue season draws near, racks of ribs are also begging for a briny dip, which will help them retain moisture through a long smoke.

Next, place the meat in a sealable food storage bag. Push as much air out of the bag as possible and seal it up. If possible, use a vacuum sealed bag to ensure that no air gets inside. Refrigerate the meat for 10 days to give it time to dry out. After 10 days, take the meat out of the fridge and rinse it off under cold water to remove the excess salt. Then, roll the meat up into a bundle as tightly as you can. Cover the meat in a cheesecloth and tie the cloth down with multiple pieces of twine.

The benefits of lean meats and how to choose meats

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Roll it into 6 dumplings and add these to the stew. Partially cover and simmer for 25 minutes, then check the seasoning of the gravy, and serve with steamed greens.

The Best Meat for Meat Loaf

I have done it, and do it, and generally just use more heat in the cooking phase and/or keep things cooler, so it can be done. If you “wet cure” i.e brine/pickle under controlled refrigeration, you can get equally complex and pleasant results while avoiding the need for curing salts. Rinse the cured meat thoroughly in fresh cold water to get rid of the crystallized salt on the surface of the meat. With your hands, rub the curing salt and spice mix over the entire cut of meat. Ham is a popular choice for curing, but you can use anything from beef to venison and much more in between. Many traditional recipes call for making meat loaf in a loaf pan, but not ours.

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