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The right arm should note that the shades are made in Italy with a small “CE” logo. Both this and the model number should be neatly printed parallel with the arm. If you’re buying the glasses firsthand, the serial number should always match the number that appears on the box.

How to choose a pair of Wayfarers to match your personal style

If we issue a refund or credit in one instance, we are under no obligation to issue the same refund or credit in the future. Once activated, you can check out the eNewspaper, a digital replica of the print edition, and download articles, print out puzzles and games, browse past editions, and turn on audio storytelling. Smith’s never-give-up attitude was crystallized in a win over the Tennessee Titans on Oct. 15 in London. In chasing down a screen pass to running back Tyjae Spears, Smith got pushed to the ground by an offensive lineman at the Ravens’ 35-yard line. He immediately got back to his feet and chased down Spears from behind, bringing him down at the Baltimore 6-yard line to save a touchdown.

Kaliyadi Semi-Rimless Frame Driving Sunglasses

When the light is focused through a lens, it does not appear to be in two different directions. The fish appear to float through the water more clearly, but reflections from the surface do not appear. Ray-Ban sunglasses are an enduring favorite due to their durability and superior protection. Ray-Ban sunglasses are an excellent choice whether you’re looking for classic sunglasses for everyday wear or something a little more unique. If you’re buying a new Ray-Ban, you might notice a “BL” mark on the back of the brand, but it’s best to look for the RB logo etching if you’re looking for a Ray-Ban. On the opposite end of the lens in the top corner, you should see a white “Ray-Ban” sign.

Sizes and other options

There is a wide range of prescription lenses as well as sunglasses in a variety of colors to choose from. Ray-Ban uses four different lens code categories to indicate the brightness of its lenses. Code 0 is for cloudy conditions, code 1 is for partly cloudy conditions, code 2 is for medium brightness, and code 3 is for high intensity. Normal or polarised lenses have a brightness level of N, polarised lenses have a brightness level of P, and photochromatic lenses have a brightness level of F. A Ray-Ban logo, which is a wordmark in white on red, can be found everywhere.

If you take your Ray-Bans back to the optometrist you purchased them from, this adjustment often comes free of charge. For those craving a touch of luxury, there are lenses plated with 18 carat gold. These lenses feature a single colour surface at the top that gradually transitions to a different colour at the bottom. Ray-Ban also offers Frame Advisor Technology to help you find the best style based on your face size, shape and features.

Sure, hardly anyone makes phone calls now, but the quality of the experience seriously impresses. On a test call to a friend, I could hear every word spoken to me, even outdoors with traffic passing by, and they could hear me perfectly. It was slightly surreal, speaking into the ether—and I got a few strange looks for talking to “myself” from passersby that likely wouldn’t have even glanced if I’d had in-ear buds. Speaking of AI, remember that Instagram reel Zuck dropped to promote the Ray-Ban Meta glasses, asking Meta AI how to braid his daughter’s hair?

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