Running Out of Face Painting Ideas?

If you have always relied on your stock of face painting ideas and getting bored with what you’ve got, it’s time to look elsewhere. With more ideas, you get greater satisfaction from painting faces.

Children’s and Adult’s Favorites

The usual painting designs and pirate designs are facepaint a dime a dozen at costume parties. Perhaps, these are the favorites of your children and your friends but if you want them to sport something new start browsing the internet for more interesting designs or designs you haven’t tried yet. There are tons of paint suggestions from the fun to the more sophisticated for all toddlers and older children.

Older children will want to have more exciting designs – robots, creatures from Harry Potter books, aliens, and even a simple thing such as tomato. Their demands can be challenging and if you have shored up something new in you bag of tricks you’re ready to impress them.

If you have been away from the face paint game, look up online sources. There are hundreds of face paint ideas for children’s face paint creations. Some may have elaborate add-ons but these can be easily mastered following the easy step-by-step face paint guides, complete with pictures. With these guides, you can learn to fashion thick noses and weird ears to go with a weird look that excite children no end.

From your stock of cheek painting ideas, branch out to adding glitters, noses and ears, and learn how to smoothen the colors at the edges. If children want to be more impressive with their painted faces, go further and study how Harry Potter monsters are painted. If the idea you want is not available online, visit art shops and ask around for the design you want.


Face painting books from different experts provide a wealth of face paint ideas ranging from the scarecrow look to the tribal look. These books also teem with tips and techniques that can improve anyone’s face painting skills. Get these books from the local art shop or download these eBooks from face paint sites or libraries.

Assuming you are on the lookout to improve your face-painting skills or looking for grander designs choose books written by established face paint artists or choose books that have simple guides for each design. There are also books featuring exotic mystical face paint designs from the East and Middle East regions.

You can also subscribe to artistic magazines. With each new issue, you can collect more ideas for both children and adults and amass more techniques. Subscriptions to these magazines are available online so there’s no trouble searching for the stuff.


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