Parking Lot Sweeping – The Target Customer

A business’ parking lot is often the first thing a customer will see. A parking lot can indicate a lot about how well a business is maintained. If a customer drives up to a business and the parking lot is unorganized and full of potholes, that may send the message that the business is equally as unkempt. Having a well-marked parking lot is an important aspect of making a good first impression to the customer. That being said, having a parking area prepared professionally is expensive, especially during the ongoing economic recession. Another, more cost-effective option business owners have is marking their parking lot themselves using letter and number stencils.

A business owner should put a lot of thought Asphalt into the design of their parking lot. The most common design is to use straight lines to mark off the spots. Another common design choice is to use angled lines and directional stencil arrows, creating a one way parking system. There are advantages and disadvantages to both designs. Straight lines maximize space, while angled lines create a more streamlined flow of traffic. Another consideration is whether a business will use single parking lines, maximizing space, or double parking lines, giving customers a bit of a buffer between other cars. Whichever design a business owner chooses, it’s important that the Americans with Disability Act keep is kept in mind, which regulates how many handicapped parking regulations a business needs. You should contact your local zoning office because handicap parking space laws vary from state to sate.

Choosing the right paint for the job is the next step. There is a huge variety of paints that can get the job done. How long a business owner wants the markings to last should determine the type of paint to be used for the job. For temporary marks, inexpensive acrylic or oil-based paints can be used, but when long-lasting, visible marks are needed, two coat epoxy or enamel preparations should be used. A money-strapped business owner should balance cost with functionality when trying to make these decisions.

Before putting paint to pavement, there is still more preparation needed. First, a business owner should make sure they have all the supplies that they will need for the job, including paint and the stencils. Clear the parking area of any dust and debris. This can be done with an old fashioned broom, or with gas-powered blower to save time. The pavement must also be dry, which again can be done by using a blower, or by simply waiting for a few days of clear weather. Cracks in the asphalt should also be sealed, if it’s within a business owner’s budget.

After a parking lot has been designed and prepared, a business owner can finally begin the process of actually painting. Using parking lot stencils are as easy as simply placing them on the ground and then painting over them.  help identify assigned parking spaces. Markings should be spaced out accordingly, taking function and aesthetics into account. The painter should also keep in mind that some types of paint may require more than one coat.


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