Make Sure Your Computer System Is a “Clean Machine” for Hardware and Software Efficiency

If you don’t understand that a malware (many malware are viruses) can completely destroy your business computer system, your character, as well as your means to make a living, then you are living incredibly dangerously and it is completely unnecessary. Viruses can easily infiltrate your computer and do it quickly.

None of this is even slightly an exaggeration. Hackers exist primarily because business owners do not want to take responsibility for themselves and simply wait for the government or someone else to save them.

So today let’s talk about viruses Computer system validation course and how they operate and how they can devastate your business.

Business owners need to take responsibility for this because no one else is going to. Want to survive? Then get busy and at least begin the learning process.

I’m not selling you something. I want you to take the responsibility of saving yourself. Your first step is learning.

The cost of not taking serious precautions can be high indeed.

Viruses are nasty little things and they can wreck tremendous damage, sometimes to your entire computer system. The mere idea should start your imagination rolling.

So as we begin let’s think about what it is we need to know in order to make good business decisions on what is best for us and what is just something being sold where they hope you won’t know the difference.

We need to know three things to make good business decisions:


A virus is simply a computer program that has the ability to reproduce itself and it will attach that copy to other computer programs. It uses a viral code to do this and it does it is such a way that its instructions are carried forward when the infected program is either launched or possibly when an infected disk is left in the disk drive and is allowed to boot.

The most concerning part of all this is the fact that all this takes place without your knowledge. No banner comes up on your screen.

You might receive a virus which plays only as a prank, such as a silly or annoying message. Then again your virus might be as malignant as a full spread disease. These types destroy your data files and possibly your entire computer system.

You might feel relieved to hear that most viruses are of the former type. I read recently that there is more than twenty thousand known viruses. Among those only about 20-50 are known to cause serious damage. Small comfort if you have one of those.

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