How to Visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve: Guide & Tips

Nevertheless, the tour became one of the most expensive of 2014 due to the latter market. Moreover, in Toronto there was a hold on the second date, but they ended up by re-launching and putting it on sale with 30,000 tickets being sold there. In Denver the first date was at Pepsi Center, though the arena was considered inadequate, therefore a second show was set at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which was chosen by the AEG team.

This majestic reserve stretches across over 5,000 sq kilometers of mesmerizing land and sea, making it one of Mexico’s largest protected areas. While traveling throughout the Yucatan years ago, we really wanted to visit Sian Ka’an ourselves. But we couldn’t figure out exactly how to get to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve on our own. It was recognized by the Mayans as a special place thousands of years ago. And Sian Ka’an retains its allure today, thanks in part to conservation efforts taking place to protect the reserve as development continues throughout Mexico’s Riviera Maya. November is the perfect time to give yourself a travel-fueled lift, with destinations primed for exploration during the penultimate month of the year. Central Vietnam’s network of caves has transformed the region.

Tayrona National Park can be visited without a guide, and there are many beaches. Remember to rest one day between these two excursions. There are departures every day, in fact, you shouldn’t have any problems booking for the following day. It will be the same price if you make use of our online form . The portions of the meals are huge, and the guides regularly give you snacks. Bring some energy bars if you are afraid of having low blood sugar. Go to Santa Marta the night before departure to rest and organize your things.

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First, invest in a pair of good-quality, water-resistant hiking boots; you want plenty of support and ventilation too. On your training runs, on walks to the shops, to work, to formal events . You get the idea though; by wearing them in as much as possible in the weeks and months leading up to the trek, it’ll help avoid blisters, bunions and lost toenails. Then, stock up on a few pairs of really good hiking socks (preferably a wool/nylon blend), that will wick moisture and keep your feet dry. If you want to get a bit crazy, wear two pairs while walking to minimise your chance of blisters. Without at least some pre-trip training, or a good basic level of fitness, trekking is hard work.

We had a wonderful visit with pepe that explained us a lot of Mayan culture, showed us many animals and plants. Everything is exactly as described, except the entrance fee to the Muyil ruins is now 50 pesos.

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If you’re cash-rich and time-poor, flying can knock hours off many road trips, though there’s an environmental impact to consider in those calculations. For example, the flight from Guatemala City to Flores – gateway to the towering temples of Tikal – takes just one hour, compared to an eight-hour journey by bus.

Everything was fantastic and directions were extensive and correct. Thank you for this great plan for travelers on a budget.

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This boat trip, and particularly the canal float, tend to be a highlight of any visit to this Muyil area of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. There really wasn’t much of a tour once on the boat. The guide drove quickly across a large lagoon, through a short canal, and across another smaller lagoon before entering the float canal. The float was incredibly relaxing and a really unique experience in crystal clear freshwater. We had goggles and snorkels, but only saw a handful of fish – not worth bringing the gear.

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