How to Clean Wood Furniture

However, wood furniture can also be frustrating to clean. Over time, it tends to show dirt that can’t be removed with a duster. And sometimes, even if you try to clean it, shiny streaks are left behind. Covering the surface of wood furniture can help protect it from stains, moisture, and heat. Use cloth tablecloths, placemats, and coasters on tables. The final step in your restoration project is to wipe on a coat of finish.

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Instead, make sure that there is roughly 1-2 of space between the edge of the table and the next piece of furniture. If you’re already paying for a storage unit, it may be wise to spring for one that’s climate-controlled to ensure that your furniture stays in good shape. If you’re storing furniture in your home or another area, make sure that the space you choose is well-ventilated and doesn’t get too hot or cold. Temperate, airtight surroundings will greatly benefit the lifespan of your furniture. Yes, the solid oak furniture from your childhood bedroom is sturdy and holds plenty of sentimental value. But oak isn’t popular anymore, so listing it for $2,000 probably won’t work in your favor.

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Stain or Paint the Wood

Be honest and provide up-close photos of any details the buyer should know about, such as small flaws, scratches or tears. In the written description, give the approximate age of the piece, along with the brand and where it was originally purchased . Start by placing the heaviest items on the moving truck first.

It’s amazing what a coat of gel stain can do to restore a tired-looking piece of furniture. The cool part is that you don’t need to strip the old finish for this to work. Blend the repair into the surrounding veneer by painting on gel stain to match the color and pattern of the existing grain. Kevin says it’s hard to believe, but it’s perfectly OK to wash furniture with soap and water. Kevin recommends liquid Ivory dish soap mixed with water. Dip a sponge into the solution, wring it out, and use it to gently scrub the surface.

In addition to being a contributing writer at Forbes, she writes for startups and content agencies. Through her design expertise, she provides decor lovers the tips and resources they need to create the home of their dreams. You can also cut two pieces of Styrofoam to fit on the front and back of each mirror for an extra layer of protection. To best protect your furniture, wrap it carefully with pads or blankets.

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