Dental Website Design – Forget Everything You Have Heard About Dental Websites

Commissioning bloggers to write articles that link to your site will enable you to increase brand exposure and improve Google rankings. Through targeting niche blogs that relate to your industry sector, you will automatically be able to target a broad market of like-minded bloggers and readers: you can also target different languages and countries, enabling an international advertising campaign that will raise the company profile among previously unexplored markets.

The system basically works through a process Web Design Kerry called ‘link-building’. You pay bloggers to mention certain keywords in their blog, which link back to your website. Once a blogger has written an article, you have the ability to review, request an edit or accept the article if it meets your requirements. The blog is then posted on the blogger’s site, creating a link from their blog to your website. The more links you can create that point to your website, the higher it ranks in Google, increasing brand exposure and encouraging more clicks to your website.

Agencies can further increase brand awareness through managing multiple advertisers and campaigns simultaneously, using a variety of high quality blogs. If you want to make your campaign more general, you can widen the scope of bloggers to include those that publish across a broader spectrum of news. This is especially good for capturing new markets.

The bloggers benefit from earning money whilst writing about topics they enjoy. The extra cash helps them fund their hobby and can provide inspiration for those suffering from writer’s block. Bloggers decide to sign up to paid blogging, they don’t have to write anything and when they do, they decide what topics to write on: so the process is ethically acceptable. Moreover, there are hundreds of bloggers signed up to blog networking sites, so if you feel a blogger doesn’t meet your requirements, there are plenty more bloggers to choose from.

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