Care for your wig

How to Take Care of Your Hair

Many people wonder, “How often should my wig be washed?” The answer will depend on many factors, including how often you wear it (is it worn daily or sometimes). Your environment can also affect how often you wash your wig. It may be more necessary to wash it frequently in hot, dry or dusty areas. Your wig should only be washed once. However, if it was worn in very dirty conditions or was not used for a while then it can be washed again. However, if the wig is used only for a couple of hours and you’re not going to be out for dinner, it might only be necessary to air it thoroughly deep wave wig.

How to wash your Wig

Blend one tablespoon (or more) of Wig Shampoo into a large bathtub of cool to lukewarm, filtered water. You can also add one tablespoon of baking powder to help dissolve makeup and oil. You should not heat the water too much, as it can cause damage to the fibers of the wig, especially synthetic fibres.

Put your wig in the solution completely and let it soak for at least 5-10 mins.

Gently swirl the solution over your wig. Vigorous stirring is not recommended as it can lead to excessive tangling, knotting, and damage to both Synthetic Wigs (and Human Hair Wigs), so be gentle.

Note: For make-up around the forehead, use an old toothbrush to gently scrub it using a mixture of baking soda with wig shampoo. Baking soda is a great cleaner that can remove heavy make-up stains and residue from the hairline.

Rinse shampoo completely under cold water.

Refill the dish with water. A tablespoonful of wig conditioner can be added to the water. Gently run the wig through the warm water. Rinse the hair gently but not enough to wash out the conditioner. You can put your wig on top of a towel. The towel will absorb excess moisture.

Allow to dry, preferably with a wigstand so that the cap retains its shape.

After drying the wig, you will need to gently comb it using a wide-tooth comb. Be sure to start at the root of the wig and only comb a small area. Once you are done, move up the hairs until it is completely combed.

Please Note:

Do not comb curly synthetics wigs or hairpieces, as they can lose their curl. Modern synthetics pieces are designed to maintain their curl. Careful brushing should be taken when handling curly Human Hair Pieces.

We recommend a high-quality Salon Shampoo that is available at professional Hairdressing salons.


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