Breast Pumps – Manual Versus Electrical Breast Pump – Which One Is For You?

Double breast pumps give you the added advantage of being able to express both breasts, often at the same time. This can be an excellent way to save time. The design of the pump is what will set it apart from other pumps and when you’re selecting your pump you’ll want to spend some time looking into the design quality.

For starters, double breast pumps will only save you time momcozy if you’re not losing suction by expressing both breasts at once. This is where design quality matters most. If the tubes share the same valve, suction is lost immediately. This is because most double pumps will be much more comfortable if you alternate the compression on each breast. The pumping action can release pressure on the opposite side when the air valve is shared.

In most cases, women prefer the electrical pump to the manual pump, especially when expressing two breasts simultaneously. Manual pumps are slower and often take more pressure to work well while electrical pumps can build up the compression faster and thus they require less pressure. The advantage to a manual pump is that you can control the pressure on the nipples and thus you can ease into pumping. While it is usually not a painful event, if you’re sore or have been chafed you will want the pumping to be as gentle as possible.

Double breast pumps can often express a full day’s supply of breast milk in about 30 to 45 minutes. Compared to the 2 hours it can take to express with a single manual pump, this is a definite time saver. This is especially true if you’re trying to keep the milk as fresh as possible by pumping in the morning before work.

The prices of pumps will range greatly. While you can opt for the cheapest version, you might not be getting the same kind of quality you want and you could end up wasting money in the long run. Reading user reviews is one of the best ways to determine how well a given pump works. While the designers and retailers might be helpful in explaining why theirs is superior in their opinion, until you’ve used a few it’s very difficult to discern the difference between pumps.

Double breast pumps are often found to be much more conducive to expressing milk. When the experience is faster, more effective, and less uncomfortable you’re more apt to stick with it for the duration. When it is too time consuming you’re more likely to switch over to formula for those times that you can’t nurse.


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