About Nirvana’s Career in a Nutshell

Kurt Cobain was named “the voice of Generation X”, a title that he didn’t appreciate well. His musical composition came as a new tune in the market at a time when pop songs such as Michael Jackson’s proliferates the music scene everywhere. Right timing and good luck must have been at Cobain’s side to have earned instantly the acceptance of many fans, or maybe it was his innate talent or musical genius that enabled him to weave his own kind of music that is different from the rest. His band’s music was classified as Alternative Rock. Obviously, his art earned him a spot in the music industry naming him as the “Voice of Generation X”.

Kurt Cobain started Nirvana in the mid Columbarium Singapore ’80s with the help of Krist Novoselic. Cobain was the band’s lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. His motivation to perform and form a band of his own came from his interest in punk rock performances in Seattle, which he frequented during his high school days. He did not finish his school; instead he found work to support himself while honing his musical talents.

Eventually, he was able to perform and release Nirvana’s debut album named “Bleach”. The band performed in campuses, and Cobain’s name became more popular alongside with Nirvana’s songs. Nirvana’s second album entitled “Nevermind” became an instant hit with its track “Smells like Teen Spirit” landing no. 1 in the Billboard charts. The song’s popular acceptance validated Cobain’s status in the music industry that rose in such a brief time, a situation that Cobain found uncomfortable. He had to struggle living with his fame. He was reported to have suffered depression, and admitted using drugs. Though, he was said to have taken drugs so as to alleviate his stomach pains, his use of it became uncontrolled prompting his wife, Courtney Love and his friends to urge him to seek treatment to which he complied, but did not finish. He was reported to have committed suicide that shocked his fans all over the world.

In less than a decade, Cobain was able to curve and established his name in the music industry, but he had gone as fast as he came. Nirvana disbanded after his death, but their music earned more posthumous recognitions for Cobain. He was remembered as the alternative rock icon. In 2006 he was reported to have outsold Elvis Presley, recognizing him as the top earner deceased-celebrity at that year.


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